Dedicated Bridgeport Criminal Defense Attorney

With over two decades of trial experience, Robert Berke has successfully defended clients against a broad range of charges from murder to drug offenses. We offer a full gamut of criminal defense services.

At the Law Office of Robert Berke, we believe that the serious ramifications inherent in criminal defense require absolute focus.This primary area of practice enables us to bring high-quality and thorough representation to our clients.

Don’t make a statement without counsel present!

It is important that you don’t volunteer any information without the counsel of an experienced defense attorney that understands your rights. Whether you are innocent or not, these rights must be considered carefully before offering any testimony. A criminal judgment can be devastating to your life and the well-being of your family. The need for knowledgeable counsel is critical to your freedom.

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We can help with a wide range of charges including, but not limited to:


Drug Crimes

From drug possession, intent to distribute or drug trafficking, we can help!

Probation Violations

Accused of violating probation? Call me for advice before you proceed any further.


Facing a DUI Case & Need Help? Hiring an experienced DUI attorney always has its benefits.

Weapons Charges

Need an experienced and aggressive Gun Charge Defense lawyer? Call me Now!

Federal Crimes

Facing criminal charges? I will passionately fight for your constitutional rights.

Domestic Violence

Accused in Domestic Violence cases? Making a statement can often incriminate you.

Violent Crimes

Violent crimes include assault, kidnapping, child abuse, threats, gang crimes, and others.

Murder Charges

It is important to work with a highly skilled criminal defense attorney to avoid conviction.


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