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CHARGES DISMISSED: Possession with Intent to Sell Narcotics, Bridgeport GA: George F. was charged with the possession of a substantial quantity of crack cocaine. After an evidentiary hearing, the court ruled that the drugs were illegally seized and granted the request to suppress the drugs.
NOT GUILTY: Sexual Assault, Risk of Injury to a Minor, Milford JD Jeff B. was accused of sexually assaulting his daughter. The jury acquitted him of all charges.
NOT GUILTY: Sexual Assault, Risk of Injury to a Minor, Fairfield JD: Carlos D. was accused of sexually assaulting a developmentally challenged girl whom he met on the internet. Carlos was acquitted of all charges by a jury.
NOT GUILTY: Attempted Murder, Fairfield JD, 2000: Bunleut T. was accused of attempted murder in a shooting between rival Cambodian gangs. During the trial, Berke asked the jury to acquit him of the attempted murder and assault in the first degree charges, and for him to take responsibility for the possession of the firearm. The jury agreed and acquitted him of all charges except the weapons count.
NOT GUILTY: Sexual Assault, Risk of Injury to a Minor, Five Alleged Victims, Fairfield JD: Alvin R., a Roosevelt Middle School teacher and basketball coach, was accused of sexually assaulting five students, and was charged with 21 felony counts. The jury acquitted him of all charges.
DRUGS SUPPRESSED: Eight pounds of marijuana, Bridgeport GA, August 2009. Eight pounds of marijuana were found after Shawn Morrison was stopped for a motor vehicle infraction. The police searched his home, believing that the car’s passenger had a weapon and fled the scene. After a hearing, the court agreed that the police unconstitutionally searched his home and suppressed the drugs found.
DISMISSAL: Risk of injury to a minor, “Banana Case,” Bridgeport GA, October 2009 Annie O’Donnell, a Bridgeport kindergarten teacher for thirty years, was charged with risk of injury to a minor for encouraging a kindergarten student to eat an unpeeled banana on his lunch tray that the student had just thrown in a garbage can. The charges were dismissed.
NOT GUILTY: Sexual Assault, Risk of Injury to a Minor, Fairfield JD: James S. was accused of sexually assaulting his granddaughter. The jury acquitted him of all charges.
Murder Case: Donnelly Store murder, Fairfield, CT: Berke represented Nicole Pearce, who is charged with Murder and Felony Murder of a Fairfield couple who owned a popular jewelry store on the Post Road in Downtown Fairfield.
NOT GUILTY: Home Invasion, Robbery, Assault First Degree, Failure to Appear First Degree, Waterbury JD, 2006: Kevin L. was accused of entering a neighbor’s apartment with force and beating the homeowner with a table and microwave. He was acquitted by jury of all charges.
ACCELERATED REHABILITATION: Possession of 40 pounds of marijuana, Fairfield Judicial District, February 2010 Berke represented a Bridgeport UPS driver accused of conspiring to sell forty pounds of marijuana. After three days of trial, the defendent received “AR,” accelerated rehabilitation.
NOT GUILTY: Manslaughter, Hartford Judicial District, December 2009 Conrod D. was accused of committing manslaughter with a machine gun. NOT GUILTY verdict returned on all counts.
NOT GUILTY: Sexual Assault, Waterbury JD, November 2009 Jaymie B. was accused of having sex with a 14 year old minor and impairing the minor’s morals by plying him with alcohol and marijuana. She became pregnant and gave birth to the minor’s child. DNA results linked Jaymie B., the 14 year old minor, and the baby. Facing forty years, the jury found her NOT GUILTY on all counts.
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    With over two decades of trial experience, Robert Berke has successfully defended clients against a broad range of charges from murder to drug offenses. We offer a full gamut of criminal defense services.

    Dedicated To Criminal Defense

    If you have been charged with Driving Under The Influence (DUI), working with a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney gives you the best chance of having any charges that you might face reduced or dropped altogether. Penalties can range from fines and driver’s license suspension to jail time and probation.

  • Drug Crimes

    Drug crimes involve the possession of an illegal drug or controlled substance, possession with the intent to deliver or sell, cultivation, manufacturing, importation and transportation and others. They can sometimes be prosecuted under federal jurisdiction. Even a misdemeanor drug crime conviction on your record can have serious consequences.

    Drug Crimes
  • Weapons Charges

    If you or someone you know has been arrested for any weapons-related crime, it is critical to have solid legal representation. A knowledgeable weapons charges attorney can be the difference between acquittal and a prison sentence.

    Weapons Charges
  • Domestic Violence

    If you have been accused of any kind of domestic violence, making a statement to the police in an effort to explain the situation can often incriminate you. Working with a knowledgeable domestic violence lawyer like Robert Berke will ensure that your rights are protected.

    Domestic Violence
  • Probation Violations

    Probation violations occur anytime a person violates the terms of probation outlined by the judge. It is important to work with an experienced attorney if you have violated the terms of your probation or you could be sent back to jail, or sentenced to larger fines and penalties.

    Probation Violations

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