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The consequences of a criminal conviction can be devastating. The best way to avoid conviction is to work with an aggressive criminal defense firm with the experience and knowledge to make the law work for you.

Bridgeport Criminal Defense Firm

When your freedom and welfare are at stake, you can’t take chances on who you choose to work with as legal representation. At the Law Office of Robert Berke, our vast experience and depth of knowledge give you a strong legal presence during all phases of the process. By calling us, we will begin our own thorough investigation of your circumstances and police reports. We will carefully consider all evidence and examine police procedures. Were all searches and seizures done properly? Were your rights upheld? When necessary, we will work with defense experts and private investigators to ensure that we have all of the relevant facts to build a strong defense. Our work begins immediately and our work is to protect you and your best interests.

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We defend clients against all charges including, but not limited to:

If you have been accused of any type of felony or misdemeanor, the Law Office of Robert Berke can help.

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In all criminal cases, time is important to never speak to a police official without an attorney present. We will protect you during the process and begin investigating immediately to preserve crucial evidence. Do not delay, if your freedom and liberty is at stake, it is critical that you call now.

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